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August 22, 2017

Harry Potter Tag

So this has been going around for a couple of weeks now and I decided to do it after being tagged. I tag Liz | itsfinetheblog.com to answer these questions, and if you want to, tag someone else. It's quite cool because I used PotterMore to get some of my answers. Its just a fun blog post to do!

Who's in the mood for a Harry Potter marathon? Me too.


August 17, 2017

Orphan Black: To Right The Wrongs Of Many & A Look Back.

[Warning: This review contains spoilers from the whole series of  Orphan Black]

5 years, 5 seasons, 50 episodes, 2 sets of clones, an amazing cast and a whopping 274 LEDA clones...

*and cries again for the fifth time today over the finale*

The finale started with a flash back of Mrs S and Sarah having a discussing about her pregnancy. Either abortion or keeping the baby. We know Sarah kept the baby  (aka Kira) and yet again, the show did what it does best and brought up subjects many people find hard to talk about. To quote the line: "It's a woman's choice - its the most personal one you can make."

August 12, 2017

Ben Needham - Missing

On July 24th 1991, a young boy, Ben Needham went missing on the Greek island of Kos. Today, he is still missing and would now be 26.

Police have revealed that Ben may have actually died 25 years ago. Their theory is that he was crushed by a digger driven by Konstantinos Barkas in an accident before his death was covered-up. Barkas died before the witness came forward.


August 09, 2017

Princess Diana Conspiracy Theories

It's almost been 20 years since the tragic death of Diana which took place on August 31st 1997 in Paris. She was just aged 36. The nation was in shock as millions awoke to the news that Princess Diana had died.

Born in July 1961 as Diana Frances Spencer, she was part of a British noble family with royal ancestry. On July 29th 1981, Lady Diana married Charles [Prince of Wales] and a massive 750 million people watched worldwide.

In the days following her death, the public left a sea of flowers and tributes outside the gates of Kensington Palace.  Her funeral was held on September 6 1997 at Westminster Abbey and was broadcast on British television, attracting an audience of 32.1 million viewers.

August 08, 2017

Kristen Smart - Unsolved & Still Missing

On May 25th 1996, a woman by the name of Kristen Smart disappeared after being last seen heading home from a Frat party at Kappa Chi. She was 19 years old at the time and in 2002, her status changed from 'missing' to 'presumed dead'.


August 07, 2017

What Would Happen If The Yellowstone Super-Volcano Erupts?!

Yellowstone Park is a huge National Park which lies within Northern Wyoming and stretches over to some of its neighbouring states making it one of the biggest in the US. It is known for its wildlife and the most popular tourist spot, the Old Faithful Geyser. You can catch a live-stream of a Geyser erupt here. But this isn't just your average park, it's actually directly above a Super-Volcano, awaiting to erupt...


August 05, 2017

Lush Bath Bomb & Shampoo Bar

© Lush Cosmetics, North America
I never talk about bath products or hair products and I thought since I loved these I should give it a shot. Now I was the person who wanted to give into the 'Avocado and poached egg on toast' trend a go, but I hate Avocados so I didn't...that's why I was so sceptical of trying the Avobath Bath Bomb by Lush. I bought it anyway and I am SO GLAD I DID! (I also lost my photos I took of these a while ago so hopefully I can take some more when I go to my Lush store next!)


August 04, 2017

Dear Blogging Community...

Dear Bloggers,

You probably saw on Twitter that the Bloggers Blog Awards announced their shortlist and despite being one for three years myself, I had only heard of this within the past week so never understood what this was all about - apologies.


August 01, 2017

L'Oréal Blemish Rescue Clay Mask

As you know from my previous posts, I love L'Oréal (here is another review I did of their products). I just love how they keep my sensitive skin at bay. I am prone to blackheads, dry skin and at times, an uneven skin tone. This mask is the most gorgeous colour I have ever seen and WORKS from application number 0ne. It's not best smelling mask ever...but don't worry, you can hardly smell it once its on.


Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies | Tanya Burr

I love baking, well sometimes...when it actually works out. This is a recipe by Tanya Burr. I have made her cookies before and they tasted so good so I thought I would try again. This time I made it the same but one cookie was a bit dry and that's down to the Coco Powder. So rather than adding 75g I would only add 60g the next time. You get your chocolate fix by the actually chocolate pieces so don't worry. I thought I would make this post just to show people they can reduce the amount and it still tastes just as good since all my other cookies were a success!


Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved?!

You've heard of the Bermuda Triangle, right? If not, it's basically an unidentified region in the Atlantic Ocean where people, ships and planes have disappeared with no trace. Its believed to have claimed more 75 aircrafts and around 300 ships, including the US Cargo ship, Cyclops. No one knows for sure why they've disappeared but a recent theory by Australian scientist, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki says it was all simply down to 'human error'.

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