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August 17, 2017

Orphan Black: To Right The Wrongs Of Many & A Look Back.

[Warning: This review contains spoilers from the whole series of  Orphan Black]

5 years, 5 seasons, 50 episodes, 2 sets of clones, an amazing cast and a whopping 274 LEDA clones...

*and cries again for the fifth time today over the finale*

The finale started with a flash back of Mrs S and Sarah having a discussing about her pregnancy. Either abortion or keeping the baby. We know Sarah kept the baby  (aka Kira) and yet again, the show did what it does best and brought up subjects many people find hard to talk about. To quote the line: "It's a woman's choice - its the most personal one you can make."

In the present day during Helena's attempted escape, Art ensures everyone is safe so (rightfully) hit Enger over the head for being such a "shitty partner"- ahhh Art, our hero.

It was nice to see Helena have such a happy ending. Her childhood was such an emotional scene and probably made most of us angry. She was abused by nuns, raised to be a killer clone, manipulated and basically brain-washed by Thomas. When we saw the flashback, they thankfully lightened up the mood by making Helena do what she does best...eat! We all love chocolate, right? Although we might pass on the Hamburgers with jam!

Another happy yet emotional flashback was when Helena gave birth. We saw flashbacks of Mrs S helping Sarah give birth and I think it gave her strength to help Helena. The Sestras can overcome anything together because 'we make family, yes?' Baby Arthur and Baby Donnie - named after two of the most inspirational and important men in the whole series. Maybe their middle names can be Felix and Scott, yeah??
At the reunion, Alison speaks to Sarah about selling the house. She mention's Kira's cousins and I think that included Art's daughter as well as Charlotte. I liked that because they're really one big family.
This show has done so much for so many people, addressed issues that people wanted to talk about but were scared to and put women at the centre in such strong, powerful roles. Tatiana's talent blows you away each and every single time she acts. Its not just me that looks at a cast photo and wonders where Helena, Alison and Cosima, etc.. are and then think...oh wait, duh, right?
I expected more drama in the finale but I am so glad there wasn't and that they decided to focus on justice for the sestras, their story and their lives. Part of me wanted Rachel to be part of the family but it seemed right for her to leave the sestras and live her own life. It was an emotional goodbye between her and Felix but in the end, it was the best thing to do. After all, she did prove them with a list of all the LEDA clones, allowing them to cure each and every single one.
Fittingly, the show ended in the house it all started in. The 'Orphan in the black' (aka Sarah) was lost in the pipeline, hidden away safely to live with Mrs S and Felix and is now a mother, role-model and such a strong, brave, independent woman. Despite the loss of Mrs S, her memory still lives on each and every single day.
It stayed true to the whole series and it’s message stuck throughout. Despite all 274 LEDA clones being genetically identical, they are all so different, unique and represent all women.

But to end in Helena's words:
"My story is an embroidery with many beginnings and no end. But I will start with the thread of my sestra, Sarah, who stepped off a train one day and met herself..."
Character First Impressions & Their Development

Sarah: I thought she was very troublesome and didn't care about anyone other than herself. She wanted her kid back but kept getting into more trouble. I bloody love her now. She is such a strong, beautiful, independent woman who always puts others before her own needs - even if that means almost getting killed a couple (hundred) times.

Alexis: I have mixed feelings about the character but I need to talk about Kathryn Alexandre. She also plays Tatiana's clone double I think its amazing that she is able to capture Tat's every move and the clones personality trait. She is able memorise all of the clones lines, where they're meant to be, what position they're meant to be in whether that's a hand position or a tilt of the head...Such an amazing woman!


Cosima: Very shy and quiet but I knew she would such an important character with a strong personality - and she was! Plus, who doesn't like 'Cophine' ?

Alison: Where do I start? Scary yet bubbly and full of enthusiasm who is also a drug-dealer. But things changed and honesty Alison is my favourite.  I preferred the old her rather than the 'new Ali' we see in the finale. Nevertheless, still one of my fave clones.

Helena: I HATED HELENA SO MUCH. I wanted her to die. When she came back after Sarah shooting her I was so pi***d...but oh how things change.

Helena is the cutest, funniest most lovable clone. So misunderstood as she was manipulated from such a young age being told she was 'the original' and 'had to kill the others'...She is also pretty sly too, as if we didn't love her enough!

Rachel: Uber bitch...(well in the beginning anyway).

Just like Helena, she was misunderstood. She was lonely but didn't want to admit it. Deep-down she cared but was so focused on what she THOUGHT she wanted when in really it was what those above her that wanted it.
When she realised this, she took matters into her own hands. I do love Rachel and think she is such an amazing woman but because of her being hurt and used over the years I felt so sorry for her.

Krystal: Smart yet so very clueless and innocent at the same time. She gets the best one liners.

MK: Shy. Brave. Clever. We didn't see much of her but still a great character.

Childs: Beth Childs struggled and felt lonely which is part of the reason she ended up killing herself. She was the first clone we really saw, other than Sarah.

Art: I wasn't sure of him at the start. I thought he would be that cop that claims to be your friend but is really the enemy. But now? I frekin' love Art. Honestly I would want a whole season dedicated to him! That birth scene in the season finale though *cries*.

Plus, Helena named her baby after him - nuff said.

Delphine: The French doctor. Ex-Monitor - yuk! She survived the shooting (phew) and now f
ast-forward...Cophine. Helping the sestras...I love her. 

Dr. Leekie: Nope. Just nope. (Is he still buried in the garage?)

Felix: Definitely knows how to express himself through Art...One amazing part of the family. Mrs S would be proud.

Donnie: Poor Donnie. Helena also named her baby after him so he must be a good guy! He was lied to by Leekie to spy on Alison. When he found out the truth, well...one slip of the hand and BOOM... "Who's the science now bitch."

Paul: I am still not over his death. BLOODY VIRGINIA CODY...But Helena killed her so that's fine.

Was not fond of him at the start at all and was worried he would hate Sarah. We all know that is now far from the truth. #RIPPaul

Vic "the dick" - Pretty much as the name suggests...

Favourite Quotes...

Art: Does LEDA mean anything to you

Krystal:...yeah, I love their eyeliner.


Some random bad guy: All Mangos are golden, nothing golden is cheap. Conclusion, all mangos are cheap?
Helena: Where are these Mangos? I want to see these Mangos.


Paul: It was never Beth I loved...


Felix: Fetch me something gay


Donnie: I QUIT...*Shoots Leekie*

Donnie...Krystal : "Have a shitty day"..."7/10..."


Helena: Every time I look the behbees eating sand, I turn around - sand. Where does this sand come from? I don't know, so I let them eat it.

....and that's a wrap for Orphan Black.



  1. This is on my list of things to watch! I've heard so many good things about it so I'm very excited!

  2. It's amazing! Never thought 5 years later this show would mean so much to me. I hope you enjoy it all when you go to watch it all! :)

  3. I have never watched this show, but I've heard quite a bit about it! xx


  4. I've heard great things about this but never watched it - may just have to change that!
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