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November 30, 2016

The Missing Season Finale: Season 2 Episode 8

Warning - This review contains some spoilers ⚠️ 
The Missing is more than amazing. Its emotional, well-written and after those twists and turns I sure do love The Missing even more now. If you have any unanswered question look here, quite a few questions that were on all of our minds before the finale.

10 questions The Missing must answer tonight

The Missing is coming to an end tonight, and I for one am really sad. It has been eight weeks of investigating 20 billion cases and all of its twits and turns that (let's be honest) nobody ever saw coming - well done to the BBC!

Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them

Warning - This review contains some spoilers ⚠️ 

Kind of Christmas themed and kind of not - sorry! But maybe you are thinking of buying cinema vouchers for Christmas or taking them to a movie, or maybe you have come across this just because it is Harry Potter related, either way I hope my review helps you.

November 24, 2016

The Missing: Season 2 Episode 7

We are now seven episodes into the second series and I must admit this was by far the best episode out of the series, and perhaps series one too. I won’t spoil anything yet, but I will warn you, the ending…hide under your blanket!

Warning - This review contains some spoilers ⚠️ 

Back in 1991, we find out who the three men were and what they did and didn't do. Just when you think you have some sort of answer to one question (or if you’re lucky enough, an actual theory) you would be stuck with 50 other questions, making your answer for that one question you had, completely wrong!

Last week, we saw Adam Gettrick murder a man with a power-drill, right before his daughter came down stairs with a drawing of ‘her and mummy in the basement’. So if that creeped you out then get ready for this episode…

It began with Baptiste asking Nadia about the Iraq war in 1991. We found out so much about that year, the BBC were right just to name it “1991”. Baptiste, after hearing the truth about the war, told Nadia that her husband was framed for the abduction and the photos of the missing girls, Sophie and Alice. The man who really took them was indeed the crazy DIY man, Adam (I think this is the only theory I got right!). We saw flashbacks of Gettrick, Reed and Stone during the war and they were talking about what they did and how they wanted to make it right. They entered a house late at night after seeing a girl leave the house and were confronted by a young boy. They told him to leave but he said he had a sister in the house. The men assumed the girl they saw leave earlier was that sister and the boy left. It turns out, it wasn’t! They set fire to the house with a man and a 9-year-old girl to die, leaving that boy alone without a family. Two major secrets. What they did to the 13-year-old girl and then killed two people. One on purpose, one not on purpose. 

But before they escaped the house, whilst searching they found Adam, beaten and tied up, blood-covered face, almost of the edge of death because of what he did to the girl. This was the father's revenge.

Nadia who was in charge at the time hadn’t bothered to send soldiers out to find Gettrick and he decided to make Nadia’s life hell by framing her husband for the abductions. Why did he take the girls? I have no idea, wouldn't he just frame Nadia herself? Maybe he sent the two men in the masks to beat her up.

Whilst Baptiste was being questioned about beating up Brigadier Stone (despite Matthew actually being the culprit), Eve Stone called Baptiste’s wife and they confronted the truth – he was dying *cries*. But he didn’t let that get in the way of confronting Adam. After telling the police to arrest him on the charge of the abduction of Alice and Sophie, nobody listened him, other than Gemma Webster herself.

As Gemma and Baptiste broke into Gettrick’s house, they found evidence that proved his guilt. Before leaving, they realise the floor is blood-stained and the floor was part tiled, part wooden. He lifted up the rug and there is a basement, sealed with a padlock on a concreate lid.

As expected, after being confronted of his crimes, Adam along with his daughter went to their ‘new home’ in their Swiss cabin, which makes sense as to why Sophie was there. So now Adam, Sophie and their daughter Lucy live in Switzerland. I hope the truth comes out and the girl are taken home to where they belong! I think I will be annoyed if Sophie or Alice don't get back to their families, alive and well!

Now for the moment NOBODY expected! When Lucy forgot her toy from their house in Germany, Adam decided to stop and buy a monkey toy for her, or so we thought. Turns out it wasn't for Lucy, nor Sophie but for Alice!!


So it turns out Alice is alive! From being kept in a locked room 24/7, being transported to the boot of the car (which is what Lucy meant by 'will she be ok') and now being in a dark, dusty cupboard. Whilst it was very creepy and scary, I found it very gripping and didn't see it coming.

What are your thoughts? Will you be joining in next week? And which part shocked you most?


November 19, 2016

Spotlight: Based on a true story

Warning - This review contains some spoilers ⚠️ 

Spotlight tells the true story of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe investigation into the abuse within the Catholic church. Directed by award winning, Tom McCarthy, Spotlight is a spine-chilling, emotional and well-written investigative dramatic piece which seeks to uncover the truth, telling the story nobody had told before.

November 17, 2016

The Missing: Season 2 Episode 6

Warning - This review contains some spoilers ⚠️ 

So let's start off with the big shocker of the night - the girl in the café. Turns out she is actually Sophie, and she and Adam had a child called Lucy.. So that explains what the doctors told Gemma and Sam! Adam told her he loved her saying "If we're going to make a life out there it has to be off the grid". But was he the third man back in the Iraq war with Henry and Stone?

After last weeks' shocking death scene, we had thought that BBC would reveal more than they actually did - but why are we not surprised they kept most of the answers a secret?

Baptiste is becoming more questionable episode by episode. Hallucinating scenarios that aren't actually happening. Is this his sub-conscious feelings telling him, and us something? His brain tumour is taking over the investigation ands how he handles it. But I, like many others, are starting not trust the invincible Julien.

So was Baptiste right all along (should I even question that?), or did the detective really miss something? But does this mean that the real Alice Webster actually died in the fire, in order to buy Sophie and her captor their 'freedom'? Maybe Stone was threating her and that's what he really meant with the Turtle story.

In the present day, Gemma meets with Baptiste and shows him the roller-coaster photo, now believing that the girl beside Sophie ( who we thought was Alice) is her daughter Alice, and the third girl is someone else who is wearing Alice's necklace. So far things are adding up.

But what is happening about Lena Garber, there was no mention of her at all? Also, didn't anyone know that Det. Lanheart went to question Adam and know that now HE is MISSING??

By the end of this week's episode, Julien is suspected of assaulting Brigadier Stone but it was actually Matthew. Not that it matters as Eve Stone doesn't trust him, and German detective Jorn, the one man on his side in 2014, is dead.

Nadia then returns from hospital following the incident with the men in masks. She arrives home, only to discover a camera she was trying to look at before she was attacked. It supposedly belongs to her husband Kristian with photos of the missing girl - which one? Don't ask.

Is Nadia setting up her husband as revenge? Remember the picture we saw of her on the camera? Baptiste even confronted Nadia about the Iraq war in 1991 and like Baptiste, we do not think its a coincidence her name was on that sealed document.

I am stuck for theories now. Do you have any?
Only two episodes left to find out.

November 09, 2016

The Missing: Season 2 Episode 5

Warning - This review contains some spoilers ⚠️ 
So that ending didn't help at all...I am still confused about who the girl in the café is. But she knew about the Red Campervan and the dog...During the twists and turns tonight, we found out Eve's baby didn't die, she was a surrogate for her sister and her husband. We then find out at the end she is pregnant yet again with Sam's baby...probably.

November 02, 2016

The Missing: Season 2 Episode 4

Warning - This review contains some spoilers ⚠️ 

So in the last episode, Alice died in a shed fire which she started herself, then Sam tried to save her but was badly burnt and ended up in hospital and shouts at Matthew, blaming him for her death.
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