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July 30, 2017

Things You Gotta Watch On Netflix

These are my favourite things to watch on Netflix. It may vary from country to country so leave your go-to Netflix shows below. Yes there are some films from the 80's on this list but they're so worth the watch - don't worry though, there are plenty up-to-date TV series and films listed too.


July 25, 2017

Southern France | Travel Blog

If you love food, sunshine and wondering down cute little side streets, then Southern France is for you.

It has always been where my family and I go on holiday. It's somewhere I have been going since I was 9 years old- wow! We probably went around every 3 years which helps you to appreciate this place even more. I love France and always will. But having been there often we think this was our last time there *cries uncontrollably*


July 03, 2017

The Circle: Who's Watching Who?

This film doesn't really do much in terms of a movie but it does on the other hand prove that just because you have a great cast, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a great movie.

The fact that it got hardly any screen time yet stars like Tom Hanks, John Boyega and Emma Watson appear in it is unusual.

Mae Holland [Emma Watson] lands an interview with The Circle thanks to her friend Annie [Karen Gillan]. She obviously aces the interview and ends up working for the world’s most powerful internet company. The Circle uses the concepts from Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and also touches on a new level of Vlogging and Blogging to create an eerily accurate picture of what our future may look like.


July 02, 2017

Why Bloggers Are Under-Appreciated

I started blogging back in 2014 after completing work experience with a few companies who suggested that if I wanted to become a journalist, I had to do something to show my future employers that I was keen and not just being lazy – skip forward to today and here is my blog, Trafotoz.

I have bought several templates (which by the way were far from cheap), changed my platform a few times and changed the niche of my blog. Finally, I am now happy with it and hope my readers are too. So can the myth that bloggers are lazy please stop. Here is why:

That Google search image at the top...type 'Why bloggers' into your search bar and see what you get. I have mixed feelings about what came up. "Fail...stupid...?" Gosh, that makes us feel greatttt *sigh*

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