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A Bit About Trafotoz...

Trafotoz is a blog that reviews films, TV shows and restaurants both locally in Glasgow (and a few abroad). During Summer 2017, there will be a new Travel section added since I love photography.

My readers are primarily based in the UK, USA and Ireland. Their age profile spreads across the range but the majority of readers are between the ages of 18-35.

How Can You Work With Me?

I am on a number of Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am able to tweet, share and write a blog/Facebook post for you, your company/local business. Every blog post I write is usually shared on all of my Social Media platforms.

  • On average, general blog posts usually get around 230 views per day.
  • Local News can received up to 600 views within the hour.
  • Reviews can vary depending on what they are about.
    • Films that have just been released in cinema/TV are my most popular reviews.

How To Contact Me

Contact me via any social media network. You should see an e-mail symbol, it would be best to contact me there for any business details.

Feel free to contact me with queries relating to this page, or any of my posts ONLY. You can also contact me on social media. Just search "Trafotoz"
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